Best Betting Sites in South Africabetting sites South Africa

South Africa is home to more than 55 million people and one of the most culturally diverse nations. Sports’ betting in South Africa is highly vibrant, with more than 10,000 million active players having signed up betting accounts with several bookies that accept South African players. Recent surveys —especially one undertaken by South African National Centre for the Study of Gambling— indicated that close to 80% of all those questioned had placed a bet at least once. Lotteries seem to be a majority of bettors’ favourite, as opposed to playing online South African bookies. The reason as to why lotteries seem popular compared to online sports betting in South Africa is that gambling was a heavily restricted sector. It was only in 1996 when the National Gambling Act was passed that South Africa began regulating the gambling industry.

Top 3 Betting Sites in South Africa

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Essential things to note before gambling in South Africa

  • 18 years is the legal gambling age
  • Mobile betting is less popular compared to playing from a PC or a desktop computer
  • Out of the entire gambling products, casinos take the lions of 66% of the revenue
  • Gauteng region generates more gambling revenue than all other South African regions combined

Online Sports Betting in South Africa

For the better part, South Africa has had a tumultuous history when it comes to gaming. The country’s Gambling Act of 1996 is often considered as the starting point of civilized gambling in South Africa. The Act legalized all aspects of sports betting, provided that the operators had a valid license issued by any of South Africa’s nine territories that can issue such licenses. South Africa’s National Gambling Board is actively involved in campaigns to ensure that no cases of illegal gambling take place.

Online Gambling Laws in South Africa

If you happen to be in the dark regarding how sports betting works in South Africa, you may have to seek information about the nine South African regions, all of which can issue gambling licenses. As it currently stands, 40 gambling licenses can be issued, with National Gambling Board reserving the right to decide how these licenses should be spread among the nine regions. The nine territories are Free State, Eastern Cape, Gauteng, Western Cape, Mpumalanga, North West, Northern Cape, Limpopo, and KwaZulu-Natal.

List of Betting Companies in South Africa

Several operators accept South African players are there with Sun International being a dominant local operator across South Africa’s domestic betting landscape. When looking at brick-and-mortar operators, there’s no other operator with the ability to rival them yet. However, in the online sports betting environment, SunBet faces serious competition from other established local sports betting sites in the country. Betting World and BetOlimp are apt examples of those bookies that rival SunBet from almost every corner. They have some of the highest odds, a wide variety of betting options, and betting markets. Lately gaining ground includes BetXchange, TopBet, Keith Ho, GodRush, Lucky Bets, BetSA, Betta Bets, Interbet, SupaBet, Hollywood Bets, and SupaBet. 

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Foreign Betting Sites in South Africa

Foreign-owned operators willing to serve South African players are at will do so provided that they adhere to a long list of rules and regulations that are laid down by each of the nine territories in the country. There are several types of licenses, such as route operator license, site license, supplier license, to mention but a few. 

Before playing at foreign-owned betting sites, a majority of South Africans always insist on knowing whether the said site is licensed or not. The main reason for this is because South African sanctions are tough for those who engage in any form of illegal gambling. But if you are here and on the lookout for the best foreign-owned betting sites, you can relax as you are in the right place.

With several foreign-owned now accepting South African players, 1xBet appears to the most prominent international bookie preferred by many South African sports betting enthusiasts. Besides having an outstanding offer of sports, huge betting markets, and high odds, this bookie is also South Africa’s official betting partner of Tottenham Football Club.

Other notable foreign-owned international bookies that accept South African players are 22Bet, Betrally, and Melbet. They offer players complete safety when gambling, some of the best odds in the industry, and exciting bonuses all aimed at maximizing players’ betting experience. Sportingbet is also another excellent bookie trusted by thousands of South African bookies when it comes to wagering on their favorite sports events.

Where to wager online in South Africa

After providing you with information regarding the best betting sites in South Africa, now, it’s time to shift gears and examine online player sports betting experience in South Africa. Without question, football remains South Africa’s most popular choice for bettors, with the English Premier League being the most extensive betting market. Competitive leagues like the German Bundesliga, La Liga, and South Africa’s domestic league also enjoy a lot of attention from bettors in the country. Lately, other previously uncommon events such as golf, cricket, rugby union, and horse racing seem to be gaining popularity among South Africa’s sports betting enthusiasts.

Sports betting using South African Rand

Convenience matters a lot when it comes to sports betting, and the ability to bet using a local currency is one of them. If you happen to be a player based in South Africa who wants to ensure that everything runs smoothly, you may have to sign up with a bookie that allows you to play using the Rand. Luckily enough, almost all bookies that accept South African players such as SunBet, Sportingbet, 22Bet, and 1xBet have ZAR as the first currency. Better yet, ZAR comes in as the first suggested currency when attempting to create a new sport betting account. There are plenty of other international bookies in the country that accept the South African Rand, though they don’t have a physical office in South Africa.

The Legality of Betting on International Betting Sites

If you reside in South Africa and intend to place your wagers using international betting sites, you can comfortably do so without any fear of persecution. With international betting sites such as Melbet, 1xBet, and 22Bet, you stand to enjoy a wide variety of betting markets, tremendous odds and live betting services. In partnership with internet service providers, the government of South Africa tries its best to block player access to sites that lack a valid license. Therefore, players can legally bet on the available international betting sites. 

Signing up to an Online Sports Betting account on South African Bookmakers

After settling on a South African sportsbook of your choice, the next step that follows is signing up. In most cases, the registration process is straightforward, only lasting a few minutes. For example, if you want to play at 1xBet, then as a player, you can benefit from the one-click registration. The one-click registration means that your online betting account gets instantly created for you using random username and a password so that you can begin betting immediately.

Other bookies such as Melbet and 22Bet have the usual registration process. Here, players have to fill in a few personal details, such as their username, password, and email address. Other details that may be requested include their full names, address, telephone number, and date of birth. The moment such information has been captured, the player is at will to make an initial and begin placing bets as s/h wishes. Some bookies may ask you to activate your sports betting account by clicking on a code they send to you via email or a code sent for a text message. Of importance to note that this is nothing but a standard procedure that helps South African bookies to determine whether the account is real or not.

Making an Initial Deposit

The moment you are done with account registration, then you’ll head straight to making your first deposit using a payment method that you find convenient. If you look around, you will notice that e-wallets are the most preferred payment options loved by a majority of sports betting enthusiasts in the country. Additionally, debit, credit, and pre-paid cards are also common. Suppose you already have an account with Neteller and Skrill, all you are left with is to head to the banking section. The moment you’re here, just select the banking section and then the payment option and the amount of money that you’d wish to spend. Here, you’ll be required to authenticate the payment you make by entering your email address, followed by a password that’s associated with the account. The moment funds hit your account, it means that you are free to begin backing your favorite player or team(s).

Withdrawing funds from South African Bookies

Withdrawing winnings from South African bookies isn’t a complicated process as such. Mostly, the process is swift and straightforward. If you happen to strike it lucky, all that’s left for you is to head to the My Account section and select your preferred method of withdrawal. In most cases, you’ll have to withdraw using the same method of deposit, confirm the withdrawal request, and you are done. While there are plenty of payment options available for you, e-wallets seem to the most preferred choice. Many South African players love e-wallets since they are fast to use and have no fees attached for players who get to use them.

Best South African Bookmakers for 2021

More than a dozen bookies accept South African players. However, not all of them deliver what they promise. In other words, some are awesome, while others are bound to leave bettors with an unpleasant sports betting experience. Nevertheless, the following is a list of some of the best bookmakers in South Africa for the year 2021:

  • 1XBET – There are plenty of reasons as to why betting at 1XBET is ideal, especially for South African players. This bookie offers more than 1,000 live matches daily, Asian Handicap, and more than 50 sports.
  • BETWINNER – They offer more than 1,000 pre-match events daily with betting on horse racing, also available here.
  • Melbet– Here, players stand to find more than 10,000 pre-match events per month, more than 140 extra bets, and more than 35 sports.
  • Betwinner – They are a fast expanding bookie with one of the best welcome bonuses in addition to a clean and fast website.
  • UNIBET – Besides being reliable, this bookie has high payout rates, and a wide variety of sports and betting options.
  • Librabet – This bookie has desirable odds on football, an intriguing welcome bonus, and a wide variety of betting markets.
  • Rabona – At Rabona, players can access fast markets and cash outs.
  • CAMPOBET – This bookie offers very high odds, especially for football lovers. Also, there is a massive variety of betting selections available.
  • 18bet – At 18Bet, there are footy leagues from more than 65 countries and more than 97% on Asian Bets and totals.
  • BonkersBet – BonkersBet offers its customers more than 300 football markets, Asian handicaps, and more than 45 sports.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to betting on South African betting sites:

  • Do I stand any chance of getting a sign-up bonus in South African bookies?
    The moment you are done with the registration process, you can be sure of getting a sign-up bonus that South African bookies have to offer. 
  • Will my winnings be taxed in some way?
    Absolutely not. There are no taxes on player-winnings except for horse racing only where players have to pay a 6% tax to cover for VAT.  
  • Can I bet using Skrill, Ecopayz, and Neteller on South African betting sites?
    All these are e-wallets solutions that you can use as they are accepted on both licensed and unlicensed bookies. 
  • What are some of the best online bookies in South Africa?
    Some of the best ones with hundreds of thousands of clients are the likes of Betrally, 1xBet, and Melbet. They offer huge odds, irresistible bonuses, and a huge sports betting market. 
  • Are there any sites that support Afrikaans, Xhosa, or Zulu? 
    All local sites support the above three languages. Some of these sites include SunBet, Za, Sportsbet, World Sports betting, and Hollywood bets. 
  • Ever since the passing of the National Gambling Act in 1996, gambling and betting became legal in South Africa. Players can bet without the fear of persecution at all.