Betting Sites in USA

Population: 325,700,000Betting Sites in USA
Active players: 48,600,000
Currency: US Dollar
Gambling products under regulation: Casino games, Daily Fantasy Sports, sports betting, Horse racing, Card games – state-wise exclusive.
Operator types: Online and brick and mortar (offshore and local)
Designated Authority: independent gaming boards on each state
Status: Online regulation are currently being formulated

The U.S. tops the list of the world’s largest economy and is home to hundreds of thousands of betting enthusiasts across the globe. We are aware of America’s iconic gambling scenes from the famous Las Vegas strip that consist of luxurious casinos. However, recently, the land of the free and the brave is coming up with tough regulations on the country’s betting sites with hundreds of them prohibited from conducting business in a majority of states. Still, plenty of American players love to place their wagers on several betting sites that are in operation. There are some best sports betting sites USA that offer players a complete package that suits their needs.

Five important things to be aware of about betting sites in the U.S.

  • Depending on the state, the legal age to gamble is set at either 18 or 21
  • Quite a good number of payment options aren’t used on gambling sites across the U.S.
  • Plenty of American bettors prefer betting on offshore betting sites
  • It’s not a necessity to pay gambling taxes
  • A majority of states are fast moving towards having in place legalized betting

Good betting sites USA

Immediately below you can find some of the best betting sites based in the United States based on votes from the members of our community. Besides your personal views, we have evaluated each betting site based on security measures, player friendliness, and the ability to provide a fair betting environment.

Betting sites in America

There are three categories of online betting in America. They include Offshore good online betting platforms USA, the Vegas betting sites, and European gambling platforms. Even though their desire may remain the same, they are all targeting U.S. players with their products and appeal bearing striking differences.

Sportsbook Bonus Review Visit
1 100% up to 1.000€ Fortune Clock Review Visit
2 50% up to 1.000€ Review Visit
3 50% up to 1.000€ BetOnline.Ag Review Visit
4 Does not offer bonuses Betstars Review Visit
5 100% up to 200€ Intertops Review Visit
6 40% up to 100€ Evobet Review Visit
7 100% up to 250€ Bovada Review Visit
8 £ 20 Free Bet Skybet Review Visit

Offshore betting sites

Lately, offshore betting platforms seems to be attracting hundreds of thousands of players since they are perceived as USA exclusive. Their products and services are customized to fit the needs of local punters with all of them accepting USD. Additionally, they deeply focus on US sports and offer irresistible offers and promotions on American sporting events. These sites have been in operation since the UIGEA in 2016 with plenty of American-based gambling sites compelled to shut down due to tough federal laws.

Vegas gambling sites

Such include online branches of Sportsbook extension that are found in Las Vegas Casinos such as the Mirage and the MGM Grand. These online betting platforms offer somewhat shorter lines when compared to their online counterparts. However, the catch here is that they have very huge limits and there are chances that they might not honor one of your wagers. If you get a chance to visit a Vegas casino, you may opt to sign up with one of them and use their online interface to bet, especially within the state borders of Nevada.

European betting platforms

These are some of the oldest betting sites that have been around for years and considered a top choice to lots of players who place their bets daily. While a small number of European betting sites accept players from the U.S, especially those from New Jersey, a majority of them do not offer their services in the U.S. We have taken the initiative to find a list of them since it’s our duty to cover the betting landscape in the U.S. by including information on former reputable brands and the reason as to why they exited the U.S. market.

Bet365 USA

Bet365 is a premium betting site renowned worldwide. Despite its prominence this provider isn’t available to American bettors as it has yet to assume full operation. However, this British bookmaker is lately engaged in talks with Hard Rock in a bid to get a New Jersey license that will see its entrance in the U.S. Unfortunately, we aren’t sure of the exact date of when they will be back, meaning that questions regarding how to go about using bet365 in the U.S. and whether bet365 legal in USA have remained unanswered. But all isn’t lost as we are closely monitoring any developing issues to do with bet365 and promise to update our website the moment we get any correspondence.

Sportsbook Bonus Review Visit
1 Claim your bet365 Bet365 Review Visit

1xbet USA

Arguably, 1xbet is one of the fastest-growing betting sites across the globe. It is reputable for its high odds and quality live streams. Sadly though, this site isn’t available in the U.S. since they don’t accept bettors from the U.S.

Sportsbook Bonus Review Visit
1 100% up to 100€ 1xbet Review Visit

Bwin USA

This is another sad story for American bettors with Bwin closing business in the U.S. way back in 2006 after the SAFE Port Act came into effect. Bwin champions for regulated betting practices and has expressed a desire in obtaining a New Jersey license.

Betfair USA

This betting platform is regarded as the globe’s best betting site and home to hundreds of thousands of betting enthusiasts. If you are in the dark regarding how to use Betfair while in the U.S., unfortunately, there’s only a single option that exists. You can achieve such by relying on their TVG partnership but your betting options will be very limited. Still, you need to be aware that TVG can only be used in Delaware, New Jersey, and Nevada only until Betfair US turns out to be a reality.

Sports betting sites USA

Some of the best and most reputable sports betting platforms in the United States will allow you to enjoy tailored sports and other events that mainly consist of American sports. The following are some sporting events that you are highly likely to find in these betting sites.

American sports betting platforms

America’s well-known and most played sports such as MLB, NBA, and NFL are provided by all types of betting platforms regardless of whether they are offshore, Vegas or European-based. Some of the most extensive lines are provided by BetOnline who are known for their emphasis on American sports. Better yet, they provide odds during the regular season, preseason, and even the Play-Offs on major sports such as the latest lines for the Super Bowl.

College betting sites/platforms

College betting is steadily gaining ground; astute bettors will likely make massive profits if they discover mistakes on a CFL betting match. We can’t confidently assert that there are passionate college betting platforms or some that offer lines on college sports since close to all sites consist of such odds. However, we have discovered that Intertops offer the best college betting odds on NCAA basketball.

Soccer betting sites in the USA

Recently, there aren’t many betting sites in the U.S. with a focus on soccer despite MLS’ increasing popularity. But again, you can find excellent soccer lines found on It has recently updated its platform with more events and new lines and highly considered among the most trusted betting site in the U.S.

Betting websites USA – How to play

We constantly get overwhelming questions in regards to reliable payment options for U.S. bettors. This has compelled us to search and subsequently document the most convenient payment options on betting sites across the U.S. Before proceeding though, here are is a four-item checklist of what you need to remember.

Four important things to check before making deposits

  1. No downtime on payments – A betting site needs to have a reputation of having their options of payment live.
  2. Faster banking options – Payments have to be carried out as stated without delays.
  3. Reasonable withdrawal limits – Both the minimum and maximum allowed payouts should be reasonable.
  4. Low banking charges – transaction charges should be as least as possible and without any hidden charges.

Common US betting transaction options

While there is plenty of account funding options in place, we provide a list of the popular ones. However, if you face any challenges while depositing or withdrawing, don’t hesitate to reach out for help from your bookie.

Credit and gift cards

Luckily enough, a majority of betting sites based in the U.S. have numerous banking options. As of now, you can use American Express, Visa, Mastercard, JCB, and other bank cards available. Also, there are gift cards that are similar to prepaid cards and the best choice since they are easily accepted in addition to giving room for anonymity. Some of them include Vanilla Visa, Netspend, and MST gift cards that can be used on Bovada and Intertops.

Bitcoin, Moneygram, and others

Even though there are plenty of banking options, there are those that are considered secure. Money Order, MoneyGram, Cashier Checks, and Western Union are easily accepted on Bovada and come in as some of the oldest means that clients use to fund their accounts. Due to low banking fees, anonymity, and fast transaction speeds, Cryptocurrencies are steadily becoming a preferred payment option. Sadly, fears are surrounding digital currencies with their prices thought to be highly volatile. To be safe, you may purchase a digital currency of your choice and use it to make deposits and withdrawals and later exchange it to real cash as opposed to storing it.

Cashout options

Last but not least, there are convenient withdrawal options, but with slightly high waiting times. Some of them include Person to Person transactions where you get your money in cash or Account to Account option. But one of the most common method used is check which gets shipped by DHL and can be cashed within 30 days in your preferred convenient store. It is important to note that such checks normally require high redeem costs that can go up to $80. On grounds of bank transfers, it’s advisable to resort to this option for payouts since its almost impossible depositing via bank.

New bet account offers

It’s now time to turn our attention to the best part – the sports betting offers. They are a sure way of boosting our initial money when registering on betting platforms across the U.S., especially for new players. Here, we attempt to focus on four different types of signing up bonuses available on sports betting sites in the U.S.

Matched bonus US

This type of bonus provides players with a predefined percentage of bonuses on top of a bettors’ initial deposit. Such percentages range between 25% and can go all the way to reach 200%, especially if there are special occasions such as the beginning of a new season.

Reduced juice upon sign up

This is a self-explanatory offer. Here, a player is assured of huge odds at a certain predefined time period the completion of registration. Even though it’s somewhat useful, especially among high rollers, it comes with some limits, either on allowed events or a player’s stake. Again, this offer shouldn’t be confused or interchanged with a cashback bonus, where a portion of a player’s losses are given back with a specified time period.

Freeplay offers

Such are rare to all betting sites in the U.S. These offers are normally awarded on top of initial deposit bonus or separately. We try to avoid them since they are normally tied to stringent wagering requirements. If you intend spending time betting, then it’s good to make money in the process as opposed to competing on freeplay rollover.

New gambling platforms for U.S. bettors

With a majority of players choosing to bet online, new gambling sites are launched each year. Apart from BTC betting sites that close business in less than three months, there are a few quality brand new US betting sites that are promising. For more detailed information, feel free to visit our guide regarding new betting sites.