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Despite being a country with the fewest number of people, Albania is a nation that’s popular for almost all kinds of gambling and sports betting. Albania’s gambling industry a massive and vibrant economic engine that generates around €150 million. That’s the amount of money that Albanians spend on gambling and sports betting per year.

Based on Albania’s government markup, Albanian bettors spend € 700 million or more in sports betting. With Albanian bettors appearing to betting as they wish, authorities had no choice but to initiate a crackdown on all forms of betting and gambling sites in Albania.

This crackdown took place on January 1, 2019. It was a raid aimed at combating match-fixing and gambling addiction in Albania. But all this has compelled Albanian bettors to become smarter, with a majority of them signing up to offshore bookies as opposed to home-based operators.

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5 things to be aware of when betting in Albania

  • As opposed to plenty of jurisdictions, the legal age of gambling in Albania is 21
  • Albanian bettors mostly bet on football
  • Apart from football, Albanian player bet on horse races, Lottery, and Bingo, among others
  • Some of the biggest offshore sites accept Albanian players
  • Albanians also enjoy casino games with slots being some of the most popular games enjoyed by Albania casino gaming enthusiasts

Top Albanian sports betting sites (Shqip Bastet)

top bookmakers albania

The best and the most visited sites in Albania have always been offshore sports betting sites. A majority of Albanian players prefer international sites based on their high odds, plenty of betting markets and options, and attractive bonuses and promotions.

All the sites that this article mentions are some of the best in the market. Trust them to uphold all your bets and process your winnings fast.

Always check this page for the best and hottest Albanian bookies. Currently, the best or rather top bookies that accept Albanian players are 888sport, 1xBet, and 22Bet. They are the best in business, based on gambling and sports betting in Albania.

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Finding non-blocked bookies in Albania

Based on recent moves by the Albanian government to curtail all gambling related activities in the country, it’s getting increasingly challenging to find the best non-blocked sites. Much worse, the government internet’s controlling body, the Electronic and Postal Communications Authority (AKEP) blocks unlicensed bookies in Albania. But with technology and the internet, finding non-blocked bookies isn’t a difficult process as such.

Search engines such as Google will help you in knowing some of the best non-blocked bookies in business. You may try signing up to a bookie of your choice to establish whether they are blocked or not. If they can’t verify your documents or their website displays an error message, then this is an indication of a blocked bookmaker.

If you cannot log in to a bookie of your choice with ease, then such is another indication of a blocked bookmaker. Logging in should be easy and fast, regardless of where you are. But if you find that such takes too much time, then there are high chances that you are dealing with a blocked bookmaker.

Betting at foreign bookies

With bookmaker offers seemingly getting insufficient by the hour, as a player, you must be thinking on how to find your way around the barrier. But there’s no need to worry, since we’ve got you covered with some of the best and simple and simple instructions that will lead you to some of the best offshore sports betting providers in Albania.

To bet at offshore betting sites while in Albania, make sure that you activate your PureVPN. PureVPN is one of the most reliable tools that will allow you to access the sites of foreign bookies that Albanian authorities cannot shut down. Smart online sports betting enthusiasts use rely on VPNs to bet.

Secondly, you may have to open a personal account with a foreign bookie if you don’t have one. After you the completion of this with this process, go ahead, select your desired payment method, and use it to make your initial deposit to get things going. Third, and most important of all, choose your favorite games and bet on them.

Shqiptar (Albanian language) betting sites

Shqiptar (Albanian language) betting sitesSince you may have to resort to VPNs as means of accessing offshore betting sites, you may be worried about sites that lack Shqiptar interface as such may leave you with an unpleasant betting experience. But there’s no need to panic. There are several offshore betting accounts that promise to leave users with some unforgettable betting experience. Betting sites such as 22bet, Melbet, and 1XBet all have a Shqiptar interface.

If you are on the hunt for betting sites with Shqiptar language and interface, then look no further than Melbet, 22bet or 1XBet. But of importance to note is that the number of betting sites that offer customer support in Albanian language are few. To find some assistance, mostly, you’ll have to communicate in English, Greek, German or Italian.

Bookies that accept Albanian Lek

As an Albanian bettor, among other things that matter in your bookmaker choice is the option of depositing and withdrawing in Albanian Lek. Fortunately, though, various bookies have this option under their menu of services.

1XBet is a perfect example of a bookmaker that accepts deposits in Albanian Lek. Here, players can fund their accounts easily using the Albania Lek. Apart from 1XBet, Betwinner, Melbet, and 22Bet are other bookmakers where players can fund their accounts using Albanian Lek.

Something ideal about funding your account using Albanian Lek is the fact that you get to avoid extra charges such as conversion fees. However, plenty of bookies allow players to fund their accounts using the Albanian Lek.

Undertaking deposits and withdrawals

Depositing and withdrawing winnings is very simple, but only when using well-known payment methods in Albania. The moment you open your account and filling in the necessary info, you’ll have to choose your preferred payment method.

Fortunately, many Albanian players are experienced in this industry and understand some of the best and convenient payment options. Some of the most reliable payment providers to use include Skrill, Neteller, Payeer, Flexepin, and Banka Kombetare Tregtare (the largest and most profitable bank in Albania).

New betting sites in Albania

Albania Football

Albanians love to gamble and wager on different sporting events. Even though Albania is a tiny country that’s less populated, most of the adult population in the country love to gamble, at least once a week. Albania’s gambling market is big, a reason as to why newly established operators target this market. New betting sites in Albania trying to attract customers give tokens of irresistible offers such as enticing welcome bonuses and promotion, a huge variety of betting markets, and plenty of banking options.

Top bookies that accept Albanian bettors

betting by country feature

To feature among top bookies is a coveted title that many operators desire. The same is true when it comes to Albanian sports betting industry. Here, you’ll find some of the best bookies and those that are in business, mostly to profit.

What separates the best from the rest isn’t only their offers, but plenty of other things such as the assurance of player security, a chance to bet on live games, the fairness of the games on offer, and several banking options. The following are some of the best bookies that accept players from Albania: