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Liechtenstein is a mountainous country and one of the smallest nations ever to win a medal in summer and winter Olympics.

This took place more than three decades in 1976 when Hanni Wenzel won bronze in skiing. When it comes to gambling in Liechtenstein, the industry is now under regulation since 2011. But before that gambling and sports betting in the country was illegal.

Before 2011, the only recognizable form of gambling was the International Lottery in Liechtenstein Foundation (ILLF), one of the oldest online lotteries in Europe since 1995. Eventually, after poor mismanagement, it filed for bankruptcy.

Despite there being a legal framework to oversee gambling in Liechtenstein, there hasn’t been an issuance of any sports betting licenses yet. Fortunately, the state holds a lenient stance towards players and operators alike. For this reason, local Liechtenstein bettors are at will to place bet at any offshore bookmaker that they prefer.

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5 things to know when betting in Liechtenstein

  • 18 is the legal gambling age to gamble in Liechtenstein
  • There’s no bookie that holds a license to offer sports betting services
  • Along with UK, Malta, and Austria, Liechtenstein applies the strictest Anti-Money Laundering Directives
  • Online sports betting has been under regulation in Liechtenstein since 2011
  • The state keeps all the records of problematic bettors and don’t allow them to gamble

Top betting sites in Liechtenstein

liechtenstein Verdict

There aren’t any known local sports betting operators currently doing business in Liechtenstein. Therefore, bettors in Liechtenstein seek the services of offshore bookies. But everything isn’t lost for bettors in Liechtenstein. Several foreign betting sites gladly accept bettors from Liechtenstein, with a majority of their websites having a localized interface.

Some of the top betting sites that many bettors in Liechtenstein have an affinity for include 22BET, 888sport, and Bwin. Players from Liechtenstein are attracted to these sites based on some of the best odds on offer here, a variety of betting markets, and fast payouts.

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Online sports betting in Liechtenstein: The legal framework

sport Liechtenstein

Without a doubt, Liechtenstein is one of those countries that has had its fair share of difficulties when it comes to its sports betting environment. All forms of gambling in the country (except for lottery) remained an illegal activity in 1949 all the way up to 2011. Since 2011, nothing much as happened as such. No bookie has managed to acquire a license. Even though there’s a gambling law in Liechtenstein, it’s not actually practical as such.

In 2016, there was an initial concession system in force. However, a more detailed licensing system replaced it, with the Office of Economic Affairs tasked with overseeing the process. In November 2019, the government of Liechenstein suspended the application process of online sports betting licenses to the end of 2023.

According to the Office of Economic Affairs, online sports betting firms will have to pay a 5% tax of their Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR). But on the positive side, that will be lenient enough in comparison to the 12.5% flat corporate taxes applicable to other sectors of the country’s economy.

Crucial information for sports bettors in Liechtenstein

Are you thinking of betting in Liechtenstein? If so, then there are some crucial pieces of information for you to know. Most importantly, the winnings that you get are in full and not taxed at all. You get all your winnings in full. In fact, Liechtenstein tax laws don’t mention taxing winnings that players get from gambling.

But such might apply the moment the government begins issuing gambling licenses. Furthermore, the government won’t charge anybody who chooses to wager at offshore bookies. Players who want to bet at foreign bookies can do so freely without the fear of facing blockages by ISPs.

New bookmakers accepting bettors from Lichtenstein

Liechtenstein continues to witness new additions of online bookies that continue to accept players from the country. When a bookie announces itself to the scene, it immediately attracts the attention of many players. The reason for this because most of them enter the scene with high odds, a wide betting market, and safe payment options.

Some bookies that are new to the scene are 1XBet, 22Bet, and Bet365. These bookies offer its players tons of betting markets, fast payouts, and plenty of betting options/markets. If you are looking for new bookies to try your luck at, then you may be in a good position trying your luck at these three bookies.

Depositing at online bookmakers that accept bettors from Liechtenstein

Under Liechtenstein’s current relaxed money payment methods, traditional methods of payment are the most common and popular in Liechtenstein. Mostly, online sports betting enthusiasts in Liechtenstein use local bank transfers as a payment method to fund their accounts. Other popular options include credit/debit cards, and in a few cases, e-wallet solutions such as Neteller and Skrill.

Liechtenstein is one of those few countries in the globe where you don’t need to worry when thinking of funding your online sports betting account or withdrawing your winnings. Here, there’s no need to conceal your transactions or be concerned on how to conceal your anonymity from tax services. Better yet, there’s no need to be worried on matters to do with currency conversion fees. It’s because plenty of bookies accept the primary Liechtenstein currency, the Swiss Franc (CHF) for deposits.

Online sports gambling in Liechtenstein: Future trends

sports in LiechtensteinLiechtenstein online gambling environment is something of an interest. While Liechtenstein’s sport betting environment remains highly welcoming for both local and international operators that face no restrictions at all, on the other hand, the issuance is another thing, the entire process facing a long-term suspension that exceeds up until the end of 2023.

Liechtenstein online sports betting market is quite small. Interestingly, foreign bookies show little interest in seeking licenses, an aspect that that compels them to huge tax rates, the moment they attempt to operate freely. As of now, things are at standstill. Bettors and bookies are eagerly awaiting to see actions that the government will take in regards to sports betting in Liechtenstein after the immediate end of the licensing suspension period.

A list of bookies that accept Liechtenstein players

The following is a list of bookmakers that currently accept players from Liechtenstein. Of importance to note is that as mentioned earlier, most of them offer the best odds, a chance to bet live, plenty of betting options, and several banking options.

Some even go ahead to provide what’s known as a ‘Bet Builder’ and ‘Edit my bet’ feature. Having said that, the following is a list of bookies that gladly accept players from Liechtenstein:

As you can see from above, more than a dozen bookies accept players from Liechtenstein. The country realizes new additions, but only if such bookies meet requirements set by the Office of Economic Affairs.


  • Are player winnings under the subjection of taxes in Liechtenstein?
    No. regardless of how much you win, you’ll take all your winnings minus the taxes at Liechtenstein. Taxes on winnings may apply if you bet on licensed bookies in the future, if the country will allow such.
  • Is online gambling/betting safe in Liechtenstein?
    Based on the local legal framework, it’s safe to engage in online gambling in Liechtenstein. There’s no law that prohibits you from engaging in online sports betting. You can wager without fear of persecution.
  • Is there a designed body tasked with regulating sports betting in Liechtenstein?
    Yes. The task is under the sole responsibility of the Office of Economic Affairs that operates under the Ministry of Infrastructure, Economic Affairs and Sports. It’s Liechtenstein’s gambling governing body.
  • Can I access Bet365 and Bwin from Liechtenstein?
    Bet365 accepts players from Liechtenstein and allows them to make deposits in CHF. The same applies to Bwin. This bookie also accepts Liechtenstein bettors and welcomes them with attractive promos and bonuses.
  • Can I get fined for betting online in Liechtenstein?
    No. there’s no legal framework that binds online gambling in the country. You can gamble online without any fear of prosecution.