Sports Betting Trends of 2022

History of Online Betting

Betting is a form of gambling which has started thousands of years ago. People take a long shot, place their bet on a certain athlete during a sports event or other unforeseeable happenings. It is very addictive, especially with those who experience parlay winnings. Nowadays, betting is already a part of a social trend that has been circulating in our society. Some people do this for recreation while others take it to a more serious level, making it a business, taking risks to beat the odds to earn more money.

Over the last three decades, sports betting has become one of the most popular forms of gambling, attracting many people from all walks of life that share a common interest, which is their love for sports. Placing a wager to their favourite team not only adds excitement while watching it, but it also gives them the sense of belonging as a part of the team.

The three most popular sports betting that is a trending hit in 2016 are basketball, football and baseball. These sports have been marketed massively, especially on the television and the internet through social media, penetrating the homes of millions of people. It was no wonder how sports betting has ferociously kicked off this year.

Here are some of the sports betting trends that are very popular in 2018:

Straight Bets

This is still the most common and familiar bet, especially with football and basketball. A betting line is set, often referred to as the point spread. If you choose to bet on your favourite, you need to give  your points and should win more than one set point spread in order to cash in. If you opt to place your wager to the underdog, you will get the points, but you need to win the total or lose lesser than the total point range to cap and win the bet.

Exchange Betting

This is a new type of betting that is getting more popular in the sports betting scene. While the sport is ongoing, instead of getting the service of a bookmaker, one can bet with others who are taking the opposite team. You win if your team wins.

In Play Betting

This is popular, especially with basketball. A bettor can place his wager while the sporting event is ongoing rather than at the start of it. It is also known as live betting and one way to win is to bet on which team will score next. The reason why it is getting more popular is because that it will give one a hint on how the event will turn out before deciding where to bet their money.

Total Line Bet

This is very popular in football and basketball. A number is set for the combined final score on each half of the game, and one has to bet on the actual score, staying under that total or going over the set number to win.

Fantasy Sports Betting

This is the type of betting that is trending in 2016. The concept is to create a fantasy team and put that team against another team created by others. The betting aspect is to put your wager on how your team will perform against the opponents. One can play a number of sports, and there are various ways to put your money belt.

These are some of the exciting sports betting trends that just make the experience even more exhilarating.

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