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Football Betting Guide


Football is the leading sport in terms of fun base, and given the fact that it is the most common sport the world over, it becomes the best sport for betting. Football offers a wide range of matches running throughout the year. This makes it the most available sports for betting all year round. The popular leagues like the English Premiere League, Champions League, Copa America, Bundesliga, Laliga, among other leagues are followed by seasonal tournaments like Europa, Africa cup of Nations and World Cup. All these presents an opportunity for bettors to make money in the football betting.

For a good betting experience, one has to learn the basics and tricks of betting from betting tips offered by tipsters to know the right bets to place. In this guide, you will learn different methods to use to maximize your chances of winning even as you develop your football betting skills.

Types of bets

There are different types of bets with different betting market share in one game. This bets include:

  • Fulltime results: where the bettor has to predict the expected score at the end of the match. It is the most popular and straightforward bet with three markets. These betting markets are; Home, Draw and Away (which can also be represented by 1X2, where 1 stands for home win, X stands for draw, and 2 stands for away win). Fulltime results is only paid by the end of the game.
  • Handicap: Also known as Asia Handicap since it was mostly used in the Asian markets, is based on the hypothetical advantage or disadvantage where the goal difference between the 2 teams is determined before the kickoff. In most cases, a goal handicap is placed on the weaker team and the goal difference is set for the stronger team to exceed for the bet to be confirmed. The best thing about Handicap is that it does not depend on the three possible outcomes of a football match. For example, you can bet on a team for -1 handicap, you only win if your team wins with more than 2 goals, in which case you lose when your team does not win with that goal margin.
  • Over/Under: this betting market involves the number of goals expected at the end of the chosen period, which is half time, or full time. For you to win this bet, your bet must be within the number of goals allowed in the category you chose. For example, you may bet on Arsenal versus Chelsea and predict that by the end of the game, the total number of goals scored by both teams will be over 3, and then the results is 5 goals in total, your bet wins because the goals are above 3. The same applies if you chose under 3 and the teams ended up scoring 2 goals by the end of the match period.
  • Both teams to Score: Placing a bet on this betting market requires you to interrogate the possibility of the 2 teams scoring each other in the period of time chosen. There is always 2 markets for this bet, you can choose to bet for the 1st half, or 2nd half of the match. The number of goals scored is not important, you only need each team to score in the match. In case one team does not score by the end of the match, you lose your bet.
  • Half time Full time (HT-FT): all you need to do in this betting market is to predict which team is going to win in both halves of the match. For example, a match between Manchester City and Hull City may end in Manchester City taking the lead in both 1st and 2nd halves. If that was the case, and you placed your bet on Manchester City winning in both halves, you win. Vice versa is when you chose Hull City to win in both halves.

What to look for in a bookmaker before betting

Many bookmakers have different products and betting markets depending on their own choices. The only common factor across the board are the teams featured in all the betting sites. Before settling on a betting site, it is important to look into such products as:

Live bets

Also known as in-play, live betting has become more popular in the recent years with a remarkable total betting market. The fact that it allows a player to place a bet after kickoff makes it more flexible and convenient for players who may want to place a bet during the event. Live betting also enables a player to place several bets in one match enhancing their chances of reaping more in the football betting. Live betting thus becomes an essential feature which must be considered when selecting a bookmaker. Without it on the list of products offered by a sportsbook, it’s not wise to waste your time there if you want to have a great betting experience.

Cash out

Cash out refers to looking for settlement before the end of the match you placed a bet on. This is mostly done by players who want to salvage whatever little is left in the stakes to prevent a total loss. This betting feature is very important since by saving the little left of your stake, you create another chance of winning.

Usability of the platform

Bringing together different products to create a platform which addresses the need of a player is the best move every bookmaker should embrace. With the advancement in technology and the stiff competition in the football betting markets, every serious bookmaker must be upbeat with new trends and tricks in the market. Betting sites like Unibet have been able to achieve that.


Is it possible to make money by betting?  Yes. It is very possible. People make big monies from betting. The secret here is to learn as much as possible from betting tips given by experts.

What’s the best sport to wager on? I prefer football because it is the only sport with very many betting options. Making a prediction in a football live bet only requires a bettor to look at the form of the players and the ball possession.

Do I need to be a sports expert to bet on sports? Football betting does not require any expertise for one to be able to play. One only has to learn a few basics to start betting. With the many betting tips on football betting, it is very easy to predict the winning games.

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